Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga is a long-hold practice that stimulates meridians within the body and provides deep stretches to the connective tissue that knits our bodies together. This practice encourages the space to drop deeply into oneself and allow for the meditative aspect of yoga to surface during postures.

Foundations Class is a precisely instructed practice that breaks down alignment points and specific actions of postures. Clear but challenging, it is suitable for brand-new students, those returning to the practice after a break or one who craves a fuller understanding of the mechanics of poses.

Intermediate Flow and Gentle Flow are both a style of flowing yoga that links breath with movement, while allowing a deep mind-body connection through precise alignment, strong engagement of the muscular system and focus on feeding effort with steady even breath.

Yoga Tune Up© is a head-to-toe practice that combines static and dynamic stretches, corrective exercises, yoga and body therapy in a way that targets individualized trigger points and neglected muscles and tissues. It enables students to increase overall strength, create balance and flexibility, improve coordination and reduce stress through unique, fun and sensation-based actions, exercise and anatomical understanding. Above all, it allows students to customize their practice to their own internal architecture for smooth, efficient action in all arenas of movement.

Private and small group instruction offered in my home studio by special appointment. Please contact me here.