From the start, the practice of yoga did it all for me – fitness, awareness, breath, alignment and clarity of mind. I couldn’t resist my drive to pass along those gems to others from the teacher’s mat. My YogaWorks training, with the amazing Natasha Rizopolous, provided an exceptional foundation of yogic knowledge from which to learn, teach and cast a wide net for continued study. Yoga Tune Up Teacher Training refined my lens of understanding of the body and focused firmly on the anatomical and corrective aspects of the practice – helping students identify and address postural habits that impair efficient, effective movement in the body. Smooth joints, lean muscles and boosted proprioception make each visit to the mat an individualized, satisfying and fun exploration of your human body in motion and stillness.

“Anybody can breathe. Therefore, anybody can practice yoga”  D.K.V. Desikachar

I love to incorporate a sneaky subtlety to my teaching that gets bodies and minds pliable with physical movement and applies anatomical knowledge on the sly, educating students about their bodies at the same time they are actually feeling their bodies. I want to teach students asana, for sure, but even more importantly, I want to teach them the art of listening to their inner selves so they can customize the practice to their needs for that day in that moment. I also like to offer tools and tricks that are useful off the mat – whether it is a breathing tool, a carry-out asana or novel movement that will enhance their awareness of their bodies, wherever and whenever they need focus, relaxation or connection to self.

For me, yoga is all about clearing out the cobwebs in the attic, the junk in the basement, the clutter left over in the garage, so I can be fully at home in my home; my body. I hope to share that sense of welcome, acceptance, curiosity and inspiration with my students.