“Working with Kate has been a fantastic experience! Our individual yoga sessions have 1024_yoga-51given me the opportunity to ask all the questions that I don’t in class about how MY body responds to yoga practice. It has served as a great way to build my confidence and body awareness in a safe and comfortable setting, and create a path for deepening my personal practice. The experience has been challenging, fun, and completely customized to my interests, experience level and goals- it has allowed me to learn nuances of asana and my body in a way I never could have in a group setting. Kate is an excellent teacher and brings warmth, humor and an authentic passion to her work- I highly recommend the experience!”
Kristin, Duxbury, MA

“I just want you to know that I have done everything over the past 20 yrs to help my body: chiro, massage, reiki, acupuncture, cranio sacral, yoga, but last night I was laying in bed and thinking that I had never ever felt as relaxed and loose as I did at that very moment. It was literally THE BEST thing that I have ever done for myself. You are a lifesaver and a genius! Can’t wait for another session.”
Mary Ellen, Newton

“I am currently doing teacher training. The more I train, the clearer it becomes to me what makes a good teacher. You are the kind of teacher that I aspire to be . . . someday!”
Lisa, Duxbury

“Kate takes a creative and thoughtful approach in planning her yoga classes and coupled with her deep knowledge of anatomy and artfully articulate instruction I find her classes physically invigorating, emotionally penetrating and spiritually soothing.”

“Kate has a very unique gift for transforming her yoga classes into a beautifully orchestrated affair which unfolds distinctly and gracefully and always reveals a nugget of wisdom or a life lesson that seems to linger in my consciousness for days.   Her classes truly moisturize my entire being!”
Gina, Norwell, Ma