Private yoga and Yoga Tune Up® sessions are a fantastic way to come into a practice custom designed for you and your body. As a teacher with vast anatomical knowledge and a keen eye for functional varieties in each student, I can provide you with a new lens to observe your posture, breath, yoga poses and movement off the mat. Built upon input from you, I’ll create sequences that address your needs and provide a clear path toward sustaining a personal practice, attending public classes, unpacking postures that have eluded you or applying improved understanding of your own body to all physical undertakings, from day-to-day actions to intense exercise regimes. Whatever your goals, a private yoga or Yoga Tune Up® session can provide the instruction, support and insight needed to get you there.



Series prices available upon booking more than 4 consecutive appointments.

Small classes (4-5 students) can be arranged upon request, depending on schedule.